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Quote: from: babanana on Today at 09:44:28 AM It seems the "old ones" doesn't understand what bitcoin is or the whole cryptocurrency. The so called experts are also old and calling all fud against bitcoin. Yet almost all crypto enthusiasts are the younger generation, mid 30's and below. There is the barrier. The technological gap between old and young. Give it a few years when we "young" are the old, then we'll see it flourish.
Early 30's here.
Steady. You will find in this august thread many fine gentlemen of the older persuasion. That said, you're right, it is hard for someone in their fifties or more to change their mental and personal financial model utterly to suit the demands of bitcoin.
You pesky kids though. It is all very well being 'enthusiastic' and talking of 'whole cryptocurrency' as if that were a thing. If you could just stop all your meddling and blathering on until you are actually 50, you would be doing bitcoin a great service. There are many more pressing concerns than you seem to be aware of....