Why Ever Official Apple Twitter's Tweet About Bitcoin?
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Strangely, Apple never official Twitter account to market flagship iPhone or Mac computers. However, the tweet the account has ever made was about Bitcoin directly to its more than 4.6 million followers. Comparing Apples With Oranges, A Computer Firm With Crypto
Bitcoin was created by fake Satoshi Nakamoto, which ignited the entire rival industry. It was founded by Apple, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, and is also a leader in its field, such as cryptocurrency.
Apple also fired a rival sea and attacks, as in the emergence of altcoins. Related Resources | Why Apple Does Not Show Crypto and Bitcoin Support in iPhone 12 Event
However, Apple is a company managed by executives that includes everything from a full marketing arm to a research and development department. There is constant efficiency that takes innovations and adopts products forward. None of this is available for Bitcoin.
While both Apple and Bitcoin have an official Twitter account, Apple has never been strangely used to market their products.
However, it was used to bring promotion to Bitcoin. However, it is not in the positive way you expect. Why Technology Technology's Official Account Tweeted About Bitcoin?
The reason for mentioning Bitcoin in the single tweet of the official Apple account was that it was taken over by a hacker.
The hacker then sent a BTC address and requested that the total amount of crypto be doubled along with the common crypto money fraud.
Celebrities are often imitated in such tactics using Elon Musk or other accounts designed to mimic the likes of President Trump. But in this case, the hacker was able to control not only Apple's official account, but also the accounts of folk figures, musicians and politicians. Related Resources | The Most Common Bitcoin Fraud and How To Avoid Them
Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Kim and Kanye were among those whose accounts were hacked.
17 year old Tampa teen was responsible for the attack He was recently detained by the authorities. It currently faces a full set of charges, including a number of organized frauds, 17 communication frauds, a personal information fraud with $ 100,000 or more than 30 victims or more, 10 personal information fraud usage and a number. access to unauthorized computer or electronic device.
Despite being a suspicious teenager, the court system plans to blame him as an adult if allowed because the crime is money-related.
Over $ 120,000 in BTC was transferred to accounts controlled by hackers. There are several similar frauds to watch out for. Check out our list of the most common Bitcoin scams and how to avoid them....