Google Ads is infested with investment scams that earn it millions

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Google Insights Google Confidence trick United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority Tax exemption advertising Ireland Google Ads is infested with investment scams that earn it millions Financial watchdogs can't actually do much
Story by David Canellis 97 Shares Google has been notified that 90% of adverts it displays when searching for common investments send users to directly to scams.
It’s fast becoming an epidemic, says campaigner Mark Taber, who has flagged 126 adverts for investment scams with both Google and the UK‘s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) over the past six weeks alone.
Solving the issue might require intervention from the British government, as an exemption in UK law keeps Google at arm’s length of the country’s lead financial watchdog.
I first reported scam to @GoogleAds @RonanHarris on 10 Jan + several times since. Further proof that @GoogleAds does nothing effective to prevent #investmentfraud being perpetrated through adverts it charges for.
— Mark Taber (@MarkTaber_FII) February 16, 2020
Neither party have been effective in curbing the fraudulent activity. Google is a platform, not a publisher, so it says it’s not liable for the content of the adverts displayed to users.
The problem is so bad that Taber has urged the public to avoid looking for investments on Google, as they run the risk of falling victim to fraud.
Google’s advert landscape is a playground for investment scams As noted by The Independent , Google’s advertisement platform allows anyone to open an account and submit bids to place their adverts at the top of search results for certain keywords....