Prospective New Bitcoin Cash User - Help Please

clicks | 12 days ago | comments: discuss | tags: bitcoin

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Hi everyone, new to the forum and looking for some advice.
I recently discovered Bitcoin Cash through a Rick Falkvinge video on YouTube and since then I feel I have fell into the rabbit hole and constantly reading on here now haha.
I was hoping to purchase my first bitcoin cash to renew my annual VPN subscription however buying my first bitcoin cash seems expensive and therefore is putting me off.
I know a lot of you guys and girls have been in this for years and probably bought in when it was really cheap but for me to renew my VPN I can pay $49.99 for the year using my credit card or I can buy $50 worth on but there is a processing fee of $6.49.
I am not complaining about this as I get this is a business but it is hard to make that transition just now if I am honest.
I also looked at but the exchange fees there were even more expensive.
Does anyone have any places I can check out that would be cheaper?
I was so looking forward as well and even preemptively got the wallet from haha.
Any help would be greatly appreciated....