The Top 25 YouTube VR Videos Of 2019

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Got a new holiday VR headset? Immerse yourself in these standout VR videos from 2019. With the official launches of the Oculus Quest, Valve Index, Varjo VR-1, and HP Reverb headsets, 2019 was a big year for VR. Notably, the Quest is “ selling as fast as [Oculus] can make them ,” and is speculated to have sold 400,000 units in the first five months of availability—even before the surge of Black Friday/Cyber Monday and holiday seasons.
And while there are many great games to be played in the headset, VR videos remain a vital part of the ecosystem. It’s a format that benefits from a lower barrier to entry than games for creators, and provide viewers with short-form, cinematic immersive experiences.
This year saw a rise in the prevalence of the VR180 format—which allows traditional video creators to shoot in ways already familiar to them while still giving audiences the ability to immerse themselves in the content.
So, as users new and old throw on their headsets this winter, the following list offers 25 of the top VR videos (both 360° and VR180) of 2019 available on YouTube—ranging from documentary, nature, entertainment, education, and more.
Alan Walker - LIVE VR 180 Experience As the title indicates, this video finds EDM Producer Alan Walker bringing audiences a glimpse of what his live show is like. But the video isn’t just a single VR180 camera propped up in the crowd. Instead, using a futuristic motif and post-production style, Walker calls out individual aspects of his show. The result is that the video can function both as a musical experience and one that gives a more personal “behind the scenes” experience.
BBC Earth: Total Solar Eclipse: 360 VR Video Seen From Space | Earth From Space Exactly as the name implies: this video from BBC Earth lets users witness a total solar eclipse from space—the first time this experience is available in full immersion. Punchy captions connect audiences to the content, providing insight and guiding us toward viewing the main event.
Brave Wilderness: Giant Mud Dragon a.k.a Big Daddy! - in VR180! Brave Wilderness is known for bringing audiences “up close animal encounters,” but in this VR180 things get seriously up close and personal. See if you can keep your cool joining host Coyote in an encounter with a giant common snapping turtle—and learn why it also earned the name “Big Daddy.”
Cirque du Soleil: KÀ Fight Scene Wrestling in VR180 | IMMERCIRQUE Episode 4 | Cirque du Soleil's Barri Griffiths Cirque du Soleil continues its tradition of producing standout immersive content with this VR180 video featuring WWE Superstar Mason Ryan—who is now an artist with Cirque du Soleil. Follow Mason—real name: Barri Griffiths—as he takes you backstage through his training, makeup, and costume routine—leading up to a final exclusive performance.
ChrisFix: Ride Along in my Drift Car (Virtual Reality) Hop into the passenger seat of the ChrisFix DriftStang, a project car won for $1,000 at a charity auction. Get an intimate view of how expert drivers drift—including clutch kicking and emergency-brake pulling—or see what it feels like by looking out the window.
Christian Delgrosso: I DELIVERED MY FIRST BABY **EMOTIONAL** Childbirth is said to be one of the most beautiful and intimate human experiences—but don’t worry, this VR180 is all laughs. Viewers find themselves as the woman in labor, and maybe the best way to sum up the experience is captured by Delgrosso himself in a comment left below the video, where he writes, “Imagine being left with these doctors to deliver your baby.... LMAOO.”
Erika Costell: Conscience (180° VR Music Video) The immersive music video format has witnessed major innovation over the course of the past half-decade, and Erika Costell’s “Conscience,” carries the mantle in 2019. Immersion here is used to conjure a mood and an atmosphere and position users within that space. With the video’s clean editing, camera work, and the inclusion of 2D “closeup” video snippets, “Conscience” emerges as a standout VR music video of the year and the decade.
How to Cook That (Ann Reardon): How Small Can I Make PAVLOVA? | Teeny Weeny Challenge VR180 VR is a fantastic medium for exploring scale—and in this experience, Ann Reardon and How to Cook let you witness a cooking challenge from a “teeny weeny” perspective. There’s a strange thrill in seeing toys that feel life-sized moved around by gigantic, otherworldly hands—and of course, stick around to judge the resulting pavlova for yourself.
Invisible People: Homeless Disabled Firefighter Helping Homeless People in San Francisco VR180 One of VR’s most powerful use cases is bringing to light untold or ignored stories through documentary; the chance to feel embodied in other people’s lives can foster empathy in ways that 2D video cannot. In this video from Invisible People, we join Couper, a disabled, homeless firefighter and street medic in San Francisco in her journey to help other homeless people in need.
Jamie Oliver: Quick Cheese Om...