John McAfee Weighs in on Maximalism, Epstein’s Death, and ‘the Greatest Gift Since Fire’

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(Original link: Graham Smith A Growing Surveillance State
Asked about the recent FBI arrest of Ethereum Foundation member Virgil Griffith, and the climate of the crypto world in general, rogue politician and freedom advocate John McAfee is at no loss for words.
“You know, we’ve turned into a surveillance police state in America, where anything that threatens what the FBI or the CIA determines is national security — it can be defined as anything now,” he remarks. “For example, the FBI is defining ‘extremist groups,’ and they’re giving an example of people who believe that the United States government would lie and use devious practices.”
“Seriously it’s gone crazy. My heart goes out to the man [Griffith], I mean he did no less than me when I was in Cuba and offered to assist in blockchain to get around U.S. sanctions.” Ethereum Foundation member Virgil Griffith, recently arrested for traveling to North Korea to deliver a presentation on blockchain technology. America’s Feudalist Regression
Regarding the perceived descent of America into totalitarianism, McAfee notes that it’s been going on for some time, but that an acceleration is happening. He cites the U.S. constitution. “The interpretation of the constitution has gone insane. I mean, in the constitution we have certain rights — the right to public assembly, for example — that’s a right, not a privilege,” he then elaborates:
And yet, try going to any city in America. A couple hundred people. Assemble in the park and you know, do a thing. They’re gonna come and say ‘where’s your permit?’ Permit? If you have to have permission to exercise a right, then it’s not a right, people. It’s a privilege.
“[This interpretation] requires two classes of citizens: those with no rights, and those who have the right to hand out privileges … And the second class, those that have the right to give permission or to grant privilege also have the ‘right’ to grant themselves permissions and privileges.”
The cyber security expert then reiterates that the privileged class controls this paradigm and relies on methods of funding that are unconstitutional and illegal. He tells that America was the “industrial power of the world” even prior to the institution of the income tax in 1913. The New York City skyline in 1912, before the income tax.
“That’s why the government is now after me. I mean I haven’t paid taxes for 10 years, eight of which the government ignored me. I’ve already paid over $50 million in taxes in my lifetime. I have not received $50 million in services. If anything I should be the one asking for a f*cking refund.” McAfee continues:
Income taxes in my mind and heart, as I see the reality around us, are unconstitutional, illegal, and it pushed us back into a feudal society of over 1,000 years ago. Because what is a feudal society? One in which you belong to the king.
He suggests that other, more voluntary methods of taxation are too troublesome for the state, and would require effort on the government’s part. The lazy solution is simply to make everyone a slave to the king via income tax, forced to do the reporting themselves. A tax which is increasingly spent on draconian spying and surveillance.
“90% of all the surveillance budget for all the covert programs goes to watching … American citizens,” McAfee details. “This is where we’re spending our money. We are paying to watch ourself. We are paying to suspect ourself as being the enemy.” He remarks sardonically:
“We don’t trust you people. You might be a terrorist. You might be some insidious sub-human with an idea that will throw a monkey wrench into our perfect system of graft, bribery and corruption.” 2020 Crypto Campaign
McAfee has himself stated he’s not running to win the United States presidency. “If anybody believes I can win, stop taking the drugs, or get back on your medications, I’m not sure which … However, it doesn’t really matter who gets the presidency in my mind.” When asked what role crypto and cyber security play in his campaign, he stated:
The only reason I am campaigning is because of crypto. I think that the blockchain and privacy coins and distributed exchanges have the ability to free people from government control if people have the courage to do the right thing.
The right thing, as the rebel s eptuagenarian soon clarifies, is non-compliance. “When countries start, or when nations start creating their own cryptocurrencies like China, or companies like Facebook, those aren’t true cryptocurrencies. Those are crypto surveillance systems that allow governments and corporations to monitor every penny that you spend. And if we know that, and go well, f*ck me then I’m not gonna use them. Even if the government says you must use the crypto dollar, just say F you.”
“You can use a privacy coin like Monero and a distributed exchange, and then suddenly governments know nothing about your finances — how much you made, how much you spend — and therefore have to rely on your word ...