Coinbase refuses acquisition of Tagomi crypto broker

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The big American cryptochannel Coinbase has denied buying the Tagomi crypto-broker company for a big sum.
On November 29, CoinDesk announced for the first time that Coinbase would have bought the Tagomi for $ 150 million after the two companies had negotiated terms last month. As suspected by The Block's cryptographic information portal, this acquisition would have been made for strategic reasons.
According to Tagomi, he recently specialized in professional investors and wealthy investors, which allowed the crypto-brokerage firm to become a direct competitor of Coinbase, the spin-off spin-off of Coinbase. An acquisition would help Coinbase increase its own market share in this area.
At the request of Cointelegraph, however, Coinbase press officer Rachael Horwitz now claims the rumors are "100% false". Tagomi is growing rapidly
Tagomi has been actively expanding its range of services over the last few months. The crypto-brokerage company recently partnered with Binance.US, the American spin-off of Binance, to provide more liquidity to professional and institutional investors.
In September, Tagomi introduced another feature that allows its users to lend or lend Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) crypto-currencies for trades, which is particularly interesting for investors who want to use trading at home. leverage.
In addition, in late March, Tagomi obtained a "BitLicense" license, issued by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of New York, which officially allows it to manage digital assets.
In the spring, the company raised $ 12 million through a round of financing from major investors, including Paradigm Fund and Pantera Capital. Related...