President Maduro announces Bitcoin Wallet Trezor on TV

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On November 6, Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, switched to Venezuelan Television Corporation (VTV). on the air and held a crypto hardware storage device designed by leading Trezor wallet provider. The video was posted on President Maduro's official Facebook page. Trezor said that Trezor's representatives were not aware of the company's presence alongside Maduro on Venezuelan television. Trezor investigates the incident In the message segment with the title "Private cryptocurrency companies are operating in Venezuela," said Maduro to alleged representatives of Trezor companies in Venezuela, Trezorvenezuela. This company has a Facebook page and an Instagram account, where it refers to the official website of Trezor, Social media report according to denied Trezor's official account on Twitter indicates that the company featured on VTV is officially in touch with Trezor. The current company has stated that it has no official distribution partner in Venezuela. He would not have been aware of this incident. In one Tweet On November 7, Trezor announced that the company would investigate: "We want to point out that we do not have any official distribution partners in Venezuela ( and we are not aware of this technology issue, so we are investigating this incident." In the comments it was said that the company that appeared on VTV appears to be an unlicensed distribution partner of Trezor. Trezor: Official statement After the publication of this article by Cointelegraph, Trezor issued an official statement confirming that Trezor and Satoshilabs did not attend Maduro's crypto mass in Caracas on November 6th. In a blog post, the company said Trezorvenezuela is an authorized Trezor distribution partner. The basis of this relationship was a third quarter agreement of 2018. However, Trezor was removed from the list of authorized distributors in June 2019 due to inactivity. However, Trezor does not limit the sale of Trezor products by Trezorvenezuela in any region, the company said. In addition, Trezor has again made clear his attitude to the political situation in Venezuela. The company said Trezor and Satoshilabs had "no connection with political figures who are or were stationed in Venezuela or any other region". In May 2019, Trezor provided his friends of the nonprofit Bitcoin Venezuela 150 Trezor One, which should be used exclusively for charitable purposes, the company added. Maduro conducts the acceptance of the event by Petro Following the launch of the petro-coupled Petro (PTR) cryptocurrency in Venezuela in February 2018, Maduro officially ordered one of the country's leading banks, the Banco de Venezuela, to accept the PTR in July 2019. According to a report by Venezuelan El Universal on November 6, Maduro held a conference at the Banco de Venezuela. Measures have been discussed to further promote acceptance of petro crypto petro. During the event, Maduro explained how to sell and buy products with the Petro. Note: Cointelegraph has updated this article. It now also contains Trezor's official statement on this subject. Related...