Monetization will be rooted in user engagement, says Tsu's re-launch CTO

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Fans of social media site Tsu are eagerly awaiting its re-launch. But what will be different to the previous version of the platform? Survey: Social media is a liability when job hunting (but we still post things we shouldn't) Are you worried that your social media footprint will jeopardize your career? If so, you are not alone. Featured
After two years, dormant social media platform Tsu, which monetized user's social media posts, quietly announced that the popular platform Tsu, used by over four million users, is set to return.
Currently, the platform is open for a pre-launch offer, where users can get a 50% pay-out rate when the platform goes live. Users need to answer two multiple-choice questions based on their interests and current platform preferences.
They then receive a customized invite ( see here -- I hid my personalized link numbers), which enables them to earn 10% if the personalized link is used to pre-register when Tsu goes live.
I asked John Acunto, CEO of Tsu, about his plans for the platform: Tsu business goals
ZD: What is the main reason to re-introduce Tsu after a two-year gap?
JA: While the largest social media players are favoring advertisers over consumers, Tsu believes in allowing everyone to earn from the advertising and partner revenue collected from the valuable content they create. While that idea may have been ahead of its time in 2016, we believe consumers are ready for it today.
ZD: What are the business targets of the new Tsu?
JA: By treating users fairly, providing equity in the platform, and bridging the gap between discovery and purchase, we're hoping to be one of the main social platforms consumers and content creators use on a daily basis.
ZD: What type of advertising does the platform expect to attract?
JA: We anticipate attracting global brands and local businesses. Monetising the platform
ZD: Will Tsu use cryptocurrency for this release? If so, what type of crypto will it use?
JA: No.
ZD: How will users be monetized with new Tsu? Will it be based on follower count, or will it follow the same principles as the previous platform?
JA: In today's landscape, every user is an influencer, regardless of whether they influence one person or 10 million people. While the percentage of the dividend will vary based on the engagement on a user's page, everyone will be eligible for it.
ZD: The old Tsu needed a username from a 'parent' to register, where the new account became the 'child.' If the child did well and earned revenue, the parent account earned a little revenue, too. Will the new Tsu use the same model? Will the pyramid style of earnings ( the rule of thirds ) still be in place or depend on individual performance?
JA: These parts of the platform incentivized the wrong kind of behavior, and they have been removed. What remains is a sustainable platform that treats every user with fairness. New and returning users
ZD: When is the new Tsu expected to release? Will it run a restricted beta for existing registrants?
JA: Tsu will be up and running in the next few months. It is currently in the process of pre-registering influencers ahead of launch.
ZD: Will users who used to post on the old platform -- and who register the same email addresses with the new Tsu -- be able to recover their old profiles, usernames, and followers? Will they have to build all of their followers again and validate access to their existing user accounts?
JA: We are researching the feasibility of people reclaiming their previous profiles.
ZD: How will Tsu manage to allocate verification badges to users with a lot of followers on the Tsu platform or other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter?
JA: We are researching the feasibility of implementing verification. Innovation...