Institutional investor interest for Krypto doubled in the second quarter

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A senior executive of the major cryptographic asset management company, Grayscale, confirmed that his company would see a growing influx of institutional investors in 2019. "The interest of institutional investors has existed for a long time"
In an interview dated Oct. 8, Rayhaneh Sharif-Askary, director of business development at Grayscale, told The Block, the cryptographic information portal, that investments in cryptographic asset management products have continued to grow this year.
For example, in the second quarter alone, $ 85 million has already been invested in Grayscale, almost double that of the first quarter. Institutional investors should account for more than 80% of invested funds. Sharif-Askary explicitly emphasizes the great interest of institutional clients:
"In the media, we often ask ourselves when institutional investors finally arrive in the cryptography markets, which I find quite paradoxical, because at Grayscale, we have institutional clients for a long time." Investors even dare to approach Altcoins
However, this statement does not seem to correspond to the current climate in the cryptography sector. Indeed, the launch of the long-awaited cryptographic trading platform, Bakkt, which specifically targets institutional investors with its future Bitcoin transactions, has been disappointing so far.
As a result, some industry voices conclude that the interest of institutional investors is still far behind. This assessment is based on recent figures showing that the number of cryptographic investment reports made by institutions in recent weeks has fallen to a low level. fallen is.
However, Sharif-Askary does not seem to realize this, as it claims that the second quarter is still more heavily invested in Altcoins and that even though it was down sharply for alternative cryptographic currencies there is a few weeks ago. From this supposed "diversification", she deduces that the cryptography industry is more and more accepted as an asset class.
Grayscale currently offers investment products for nine different crypto currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC).
The interest of institutional investors is a kind of "Holy Grail" for the crypto industry, as their entry would result in a massive influx of capital and give legitimacy to the asset class. Related...