Nearly 7% of Bitcoin traffic is carried out on only 8 major cryptographic exchanges

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Nearly 7% of the total volume of Bitcoin (BTC) is in the portfolios of eight major cryptographic exchanges, according to Token Analyst, researcher in the field of cryptomarket. Cryptographic exchanges are the biggest suppliers of HOD
On October 8th, Crypto-Market researcher Token Analyst announced on his twitter account The number of Bitcoin assets stored on cryptographic exchanges has steadily increased in the past.
According to crypto and blockchain, researchers estimate that nearly 1.2 million Bitcoins are in the portfolio of eight major cryptographic exchanges. Trading platforms are literally "the biggest HODLers".
As can be seen in the attached graph, the Huobi group is again the leader in cryptographic exchanges because it contains the largest number of BTCs. Meanwhile, Binance and BitMEX are fighting for second place. Hodl!
The crypto term HODL was first mentioned on the BitcoinTalk Internet forum six years ago, when bitcoin was again declining after rising to $ 1,000. The word, which is actually a typo of the English word "hold", advises investors to "conserve the bitcoin" and rely on a long-term price increase. Bitcoin will recover
As Cointelegraph recently noted, an analyst at CNBC is of the opinion that it will begin to fall for the cryptography markets. Nevertheless, he remains confident that Bitcoin will recover sooner or later. Related...