Casa Releases New version of Its Bitcoin Full Node Casa Node 2

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New York-based crypto custody startup Casa has released Casa Node 2, a new iteration of the industry’s popular pre-synced Bitcoin (BTC) full node product. Original Casa Node did a great job, the firm says
According to an Oct. 8 blog post, Casa Node 2 offers a faster and smoother Bitcoin and Lightning experience by deploying a faster processor on the Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM and a 1TB SSD. Sponsored Links
In the announcement, Casa stated that their original Casa node did a great job as a full Bitcoin and Lightning node in a reliable device. However, the firm “wanted to do more” and was planning to improve their hardware in order to do so, Casa said.
Early upgrades to Casa Node 2 are available in pre-order mode, the firm added. NodeOS update
As part of the announcement, Casa also introduced a new version of its native node software NodeOS, which now has an updated design and dark mode. Following the launch of the update, the Casa Node 2 will also be running major open-source Bitcoin payments processor BTCPayServer.
Casa will distribute its Node 2 devices in limited numbers in October and November at a discount price of $300, according to the announcement.
While Casa claims that the original Casa Node was highly effective as a full Bitcoin node, some customers reported that earlier iterations of the model were slow, while agreeing that plug-and-play nodes like Casa are here to stay.
In August, Litecoin (LTC) founder Charlie Lee said that he has been investing in Casa and expressed high hopes for the company....