why should i run a full node?
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this is a copy of a post i put in r/bitcoin which after 6 hours had no responses or up/down votes, so i'm wondering if it is even visible ? in any case i am trying to understand the reasoning behind the believe that everyone needs to run a full node.

i don't really get this belief that all people should be running one.
if i'm not mining, it doesn't really do anything to secure the network, correct? i can verify my outgoing transactions, but i don't really care or need to, it is the recipient of my funds who really needs to care/verify my money got to them, right? in most cases, regardless of cost of node, it could be a totally normal and arbitrary cost for a business to run a node, and probably here as a best practice - particularly for high value transactions - it makes sense to run a node but what about for me as an individual? most of the time i would probably not be sent all that large amounts of money. when i am, wouldn't it be reasonable to wait for x amount of confirmations anyway sans node? ​
i'm trying to understand the situation where i, as an individual, really care/want to run a full node. or the situation where oops i really needed to run a full node. i'm a libertarian computer scientist and not really finding the idea appealing, so i struggle to think how many normies are going to want to bother, although the expectation of r/bitcoin seems to be that my mom and dad and my cat should all be running a node....