Samsung SDS and Mahindra to collaborate in blockchain

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ZDNet Japan Samsung SDS and Mahindra to collaborate in blockchain The two companies have come together in a bid to take the Samsung SDS Nexledger blockchain platform to the global stage. | Topic: Samsung
Samsung SDS and Tech Mahindra will collaborate to expand the South Korean company's Nexledger platform, the companies have announced.
The Indian IT consulting firm will offer the blockchain platform to its local market, it said. It will also take part in developing the Nexledger platform going forward.
The two companies also have plans to commercialise various proof-of-concept versions of the Nexledger platform for it to be available in different industries and markets, they said.
Samsung SDS commercialised Nexledger back in 2017 for enterprise use, but has largely only gained exposure in the US market so far. The finance and logistics sectors have been Samsung SDS's key targets, with the company partnering with the Netherlands' ABN AMRO Bank in 2018 to apply the platform in shipping logistics .
Enterprise clients can choose from the Nexledger Consensus Algorithm, Hyperledger Fabric, or Ethereum as consensus algorithms when using the solution.
In June last year, Samsung SDS announced the launch of Nexfinance , its enterprise finance platform, which applied Nexledger to boost its security.
It is also working with the Seoul municipal government to collaborate on ways to apply blockchain to governance. Related Coverage...