Does Bitcoin deserve to be the currency of future?

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Numerous sites today presently acknowledges BTC as a method of installment to shop on the web, even physically some South African shops acknowledge bitcoins to make in-store buy, there are bitcoin ATMS in certain nations. So could bitcoin truly be the eventual fate of cash around the world, the USD as been regarded as a widespread money yet despite everything you need to trade USD to neighborhood cash before you can spend it in many nations. However, bitcoin are legitimately acknowledged and there are stages/exchangers that trade crypto for neighborhood cash.
The main motivation behind why bitcoin isn't yet an overall vehicle of trade is the decentralized characteristic and its not been controlled. In the event that bitcoin ends up managed it may lose a portion of its favorable circumstances (the real motivation behind why a few people are in the crypto showcase), this is constrained by the USA that I trust considers BTC to be an immediate adversary to the USD and wont give it a chance to be controlled.
Note: This are only my Opinion, in the event that you have an alternate feeling please share....