Brother purchased some alts before the beginning of this rally, now he’s wondering if he should take the loss or just wait it out

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Ok so a while back (around March 30) my brother contacted me and told me he’s been day-trading and it’s been going well and he asked me to read up on different coins and give him trading signals in exchange for a share in profits.
I told him that he should stop trading for a while cause bitcoin seems to be going up and that would not go so well for alts.
Unfortunately he didn’t listen :)) now a portion of his investments sit in alt-coins.
Currently he has BNB, XRP, Via, Dent, Data, Vib, Sys, Amb, Poly and Celr.
I’m kinda lost about what to advice him on this stage, I know technical analysis but I’m not a trader, I just read up on different stuff to keep up with what’s happening with the world. (Being a student, I don’t have the luxury of investing lol)
My initial advice for him was to hold them till bitcoin starts a consolidation phase and alts start to pump. But the thing is that they’ve fallen so much below his purchase price that I’m doubting my initial advice. Now I’m thinking maybe I should start in-depth research on each of them and advice him to dump those that seem to be risky.
Edit: I guess I should change my question and make it more specific.
What info do you guys have on these coins that he’s holding? What are your thoughts on their future?...