How a bitcoin evangelist made himself disappear in 15 steps

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In October 2017, a SWAT team descended on Jameson Lopp's house in North Carolina. Someone — it still isn't clear who — had called police and falsely claimed that a shooter at the home had killed someone and taken a hostage. After police left, Lopp received a call threatening more mayhem if he did not make a large ransom payment in bitcoin.
After being threatened, Jefferson Lopp decided to do something about maintaining his privacy. Credit: Shutterstock and Janie Barrett
To scare off future attackers, Lopp quickly posted a video on Twitter of himself firing off his AR-15 rifle. He also decided he was going to make it much harder for his enemies — and anyone else — to find him ever again.
Lopp, a self-described libertarian who works for a bitcoin security company, had long been obsessed with the value of privacy, and he set out to learn how thoroughly a person can escape the all-seeing eyes of corporate America and the government. But he wanted to do it without giving up internet access and moving to a shack in the woods.
Many celebrities and wealthy people, wary of thieves, paparazzi and other predators, have tried to achieve Lopp's vision of complete privacy. Few have succeeded....