[ANN] Asteroid Rush — EOSIO-based blockchain MMO-strategy game
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Hey, Bitcoin forum!
I am a community-manager of Asteroid Rush game. Asteroid Rush is an economic blockchain MMO strategy game where you control a crew of colonists on the Ceres 1 station and mine resources in space in the asteroid belt.
So, what’s inside?
-Assemble a mining crew, train ‘em up
-Buy a patent for asteroid mining
-Choose the most valuable one and deploy your crew right away
-Fight in PVP battles for the right to develop an asteroid
-Trade all your loot for AR-Credits, Founders Tokens or Pi-Astro
-Invest to level your team to earn much more!
More to come:
-Battle exosuits
-PVP arena with real players
-Construct and develop your base
-Clans and clan bases with their own economic policies
-Mate new colonists to create new crews and replenish your collection
-Get Founders Tokens and participate in Common Goals to advance the game’s developmentell!
All game mechanics, assets, and asteroids and the resources mined on them are stored on the blockchain. This provides transparency and guarantees that a player’s possessions remain theirs. Blockchain also enables the team to create a model of a real cashless barter economy. What’s more: of your valuables are things you can trade or sell!
Pre-sale has started already!
From now you can purchase a Founder’s kit and Pi-Astro with a discount of up to 50%! Don't miss a chance to obtain Legendary Colonists in your team. Besides, own a pet license, consumable kits and more!
If you decide to buy Legendary Founder’s kit you will get special Captain Founder Badge that gives you access to Fonder channel in our Discord server, Early Access to game client and more individual offers.
Pre-sale will be available until 12 of May. Start to build your asteroid mining empire today!
In summary, Asteroid Rush is a browser-based strategy game where each prospector is a character collection card with varying parameters, many of which can be improved. Asteroids are the goal of your expedition and your source of valuable resources. All of your prospecting achievements are safely stored on the blockchain, which means that you as the player actually own them.
Ask me any questions or give your thoughts!
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