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The real episode will launch hopefully sometime next week.
I am in the middle of creating a cryptocurrency cartoon show in Paint. I already have over 100 scenes done. The show is going to be based around cryptocurrency and will be a comedy show talking about recent events etc This show will be around 10 minutes long, and won't be pure cryptocurrency related. If you like crypto or want to watch a video that could be embarrassing to me then follow me on twitter to get updates on it.
I think a problem in the cryptocurrency world is everything is too cluttered and information is thrown at you. So this will be a fun video for people to relax and get information about cryptocurrency while having a laugh.
All I really care about is getting 1 person to watch it and enjoy it, and hopefully, I can make that happen. I have spent 15 hours + creating it and am close to finally releasing it. If you want to see it first, follow me on twitter @timmy_forrest , that will be the best way to see when it is finally done. First Episode: The Bitcoin Stork
This episode will be discussing the new bitcoin fork. SV vs Cash...