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Hello and first i would like to say that i know posting this topic in first place is useless and won't change anything, but believe me, i talk from many people on this forum, and i will try to use facts only and not empty words.
I will try to manage the topic in few parts, because it will be long one.
1). Lets start with the problem with the "DefaultTrust" system.
We all know that most of the "DefaultTrust" members have their own standard.
They are couple of people who run the "trust" score by their own discretion and not based on the "non official bitcointalk rules"
It is sad that the very first bitcoin forum created by Satoshi Nakamoto itself, have no official rules after 10 years of existing in first place.
If Satoshi were still active, and watch what is going on in his forum, this would never happened...
Couple of people running this forum (yes they running it not you) by teams.
Teams that manipulate, abuse and ruin this forum with fake/false arguments, most of them cleaning their actions with "funny" utterances which of course are supported with laugh from the other "DefaultTrust" members.
This scheme is old and it is more obvious for those who don't have their eyes closed.
Every single member in this forum know about those existing teams who abuse and manipulate the trust score, ruining the whole market and everything in this forum.
Every single person can see after the first member of the team post somewhere, the others follow them strictly by just spreading the word of the first.
They attack the OP not only with abusive and false trust abuse but also with arrogant arguments based on no proofs ignoring the statements which are proof based.
Everyone know that if TMAN, owlcatz or Lauda post somewhere, no matter which one will be the first poster, others are coming in less than a day to support each other, and no matter the facts they stay behind the first poster of the team.
Do not get me wrong, i am pretty sure all of those "DefaultTrust" members have done a lot for the community, but based on the statistic and the facts for last 12 months, they have done for this forum only bad things.
We can continue with the other "team" of "DefaultTrust" abusers.
They are know and also their posts are coming right after the very first one and i am talking about the marlboroza, The Pharmacist and LoyceV.
I don't really like to commend the bad things most of them doing, but 99.99% of the forum know each of those "DefaultTrust" members reacts and false arguments.
As the first team, this team also running pretty well their circle of support, fabricating false arguments without proofs and abusing the trust system.
Sadly the facts and the statistic show that the "DefaultTrust" members have done nothing but bad things in the last 12 months.
I bet you will trying to say that's not true, but everything they done in the last year were only supported by group of members who control the "Merit circle" and not the normal and average bitcointalk member.
They using those "powers" to censorship, manipulate the trust system and also abusing the "Merit" system.
This courage the account sales in this forum, no matter sales are not forbidden (but they still tag it and by that they break the bitcointalk rules but no one care).
Lets see the facts about the trust abuse based on false arguments without single proof (I will just add few, they are many):
And many many more.
All of the DT members do their "job" based in their own view, giving this forum nothing but "Mafia" management.
I can continue with this, but it will take so much space and information which already everyone know.
2) Merit
The whole idea of Merit system is more than absurd.
You will ask why?
Take a look at the huge "Merit circle"...
Most of the "Merit" in this forum is controlled by very few persons who circle it.
Many very new members are not familiar with it, don't know how to earn it, and if the "Mafia" do not accept their posts as "Good", "Useful" and so, they never rank up.
The same people decide what is good and what is not for someone to rank up based in their own views not letting competition or anyone who have different view point.
The whole idea of creating this forum from Satoshi is dead and the way people are forced to use the forum doing it.
All new members and those who already using the forum from some time, are forced to lick their asses, watch what they write because if they do not meet the criteria of the "Mafia" team who control the merits and the trust system, they will be out.
Is that what Satoshi really wanted from this forum ?
Is that what Satoshi were giving as idea for the normal bitcoin user and bitcointalk user?
I don't think so...
I can't really touch all the problems for the normal average bitcointalk user but even if i had the space and time to...