Virtual Crypto To - Acquire Viewbix Ltd from Algomizer Ltd. Through Share Exchange

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Companies Will Work Together to Expand Proprietary Platform and Accelerate Revenue Growth
Rosh Haa’yin, Israel, Feb. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Virtual Crypto Technologies Ltd. (OTCQB: VRCP), (“Virtual Crypto” or the “Company”) developer of software and hardware for the purchase and sale of crypto-currencies through ATMs, tablets, PCs and or mobile devices, today issued a letter to shareholders announcing the acquisition of Viewbix Ltd. through a share exchange with Algomizer Ltd., ( ALMO.TA ).
Dear Fellow Shareholders;
I am pleased to inform you that on February 7 th , Virtual Crypto entered into an agreement to aquire Viewbix Ltd., an Israeli-based company that has created an integrated suite of proprietary products and services for video marketers and content developers. The Company’s patented technology facilitates subscribers’ ability to understand and better deploy the tactics driving audience engagement, in both on-demand and live video, in order to achieve measurable and meaningful returns on investment.
Viewbix’ success has been demonstrated across a growing customer roster including Cuisinart, Paramount, H&R Block, CBS Television and Sony, among others. Veiwbix-enabled videos show an average 35% increase in audience in engagement, and these results have enabled the Company to generate continued growth in revenue.
The transaction will be executed through a share exchange with Viewbix’ parent company, Algomizer Ltd., ( ALMO.TA ), an Israeli company specializing in artificial intelligence and algorithm-based marketing software.
Viewbix and Video Content Marketing
Video is no longer just an entertainment medium, it is pervasive in all aspects of our lives. Mobile and digital technology make it possible for anyone with a cellphone to create and distribute content, as illustrated by the more than 300 hours of video per minute that are uploaded to YouTube™ alone. This glut of content makes it critical for brands to generate more than eyeballs and likes with their video content; to be effective marketers they must engage with their audience, directly and personally. Viewbix makes this possible.
Viewbix has changed the paradigm of video content. Layering data analysis with intuitive templates and real-time editing capabilities, Viewbix gives subscribers the ability to customize their video assets across their websites, mobile apps and ad distribution platforms. The Company’s proprietary algorithms allow users to quickly glean insights into viewer engagement from both on-demand and live videos, while integrated tools make it easy to add brand assets, interactive applications and calls to action that deliver powerful viewer-centric experiences and superior ROIs for any given objective.
Transition To The United States
Although headquartered in Israel, Viewbix generates the majority of its revenue from its high-profile U.S. clients. With growing market awareness of its platform, Algomizer believes it would be beneficial to move the operation to the United States, and chose to partner with Virtual Crypto.
Jonathan Stefansky, Co-founder and CEO of Viewbix, offered this insight on the decision.
Viewbix’ initial mandate was helping corporations use data to better market products and services through video. However, effective video content is really a critical tool for any organization looking to engage with its audience, and today we are talking with universities, television programmers, training facilities, political campaigns and philanthropic organizations, as well as advertising and other related agencies, about the benefits of implementing our platform in their marketing and communications campaigns.
Bringing our operation to the U.S. will certainly make it easier for us to engage with and service our current customers, and is a key component to successfully execute our mission of establishing Viewbix as the leading customer engagement platform.
Virtual Crypto shares our vision for the future of Viewbix, and I am confident that they can provide us with access to the resources – infrastructure, staff and capital – we will need to achieve our goals.
As a publicly traded company, Virtual Crypto is always seeking opportunities that leverage our core competencies and enhance shareholder value. To that end, we believe that Viewbix has substantial growth potential and we look forward to working closely with their management to establish the Company as a leader in the multi-billion dollar video content market.
As always, we thank you for your continued support of Virtual Crypto, and look forward to bringing you more news on this exciting new partnership as we move forward.
Alon Dayan, CEO Virtual Crypto Technologies Ltd
About Viewbix
Viewbix is a leading video engagement platform used by marketers to add rich branding and interactive elements – from call-to-action buttons to email captures – to digital videos. Viewbix-enhanced videos are proven to drive engagement and measurable ROI. Viewbix works with l...