What will happen to your digital life when you die?
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G erald Cotten did not die intestate. In fact, the wealthy internet entrepreneur drew up a will only 12 days before his death from Crohn’s disease, aged just 30.
In it, he thought of almost everything: his car (a Lexus), his yacht (a 3-cabin, 51-footer); his pet chihuahuas, (Nitro and Gully) – even his air miles, leaving them all to his wife, Jennifer Robertson. The only thing he didn’t hand over, however, was the key to his £105m fortune . Oops.
No one doubts he had the money. Hundreds of thousands of people, in fact, can testify to the fact. They are the private investors in Cotten’s cryptocurrency exchange, QuadrigaCX, which provided a platform for them to deal in Bitcoin , Ethereum and the......