The Killer App for is EMAIL!

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I've had this idea on my mind for a while and I wanted to get it out there because it's been driving me sort of nuts. The reason it's driving me nuts is that to me it's obvious that one of the best places for a crypto wallet to be hosted is in an email account.
The entire purpose of email is to send something. Bitcoin, for example, has a feature built right into it that allows for messages to be sent over the blockchain.
XRP is perfect for paid email to control spam. The fee per email might be fractions of a penny but it will deter people from sending messages that aren't at least a little bit valuable. Plus because each wallet has to be seeded with 20 XRP, it will cost spammers money to set-up multiple email accounts.
The way I would do it is this:
Initially only allow ripple to ripple email communication As the network grows negotiate to have the ripple wallet embedded into other email providers as an anti-spam measure Allow people with accounts to opt-in to recieve paid emails that give them xrp for every email advertisers send them. So for instance, I can choose to "charge" 2 xrp for advertisers to be able to send me an email. Ripple the company can keep half (or whatever number) for providing the service and I keep the other half
Use the email service to send payments as well just as if they are using a wallet
Allow purchasing of xrp directly through the wallet
If Ripple listens to my idea please don't forget where you got it from. I wanted to start this business myself but am not tech savvy enough to pull it off.