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Quote: from: Hueristic on Today at 06:44:56 PM Fuck I need to stop checking prices when i'm away.
Off to the tables to try to break even from the market.
folk probably know this anyway...but my 'floor' is what I mined on my original KNC Jupiter BTC miner from back in the day that cost me $5,131.80 with shipping.
ALL my HODL and whatever for the last 5 years came from that initial investment. (Sure did not make it from my job with a group home for dev blind developmentally disabled).
Thus (should probably NOT say the amount..people get miffed) that is my FLOOR.
the HEAT DEATH of the UNIVERSE will happen 1st before I sell those coin. (Ya got to draw the line someplace)
and I have gotten enough out of this to retire 3 years early with cash set aside etc till the middle of 2019 when I can take retirement traditional $$$ if nothing else.
and of course the last 5 years have been more fun since I was in college helps, that helps quite a bit
But, chump or champ. Make some 'borders' on how you are gonna face this ..if it all goes to sh*t for a few... years...
(talking to my CPA today, I did set enough aside for sales and mining but gonna get my ass chewed anyway)
1) ass-covering, check.
2) set amount of crypto they will have to pry from my cold dead hands, check.
3) still can stay retired 2-3 years early. check
4) preparing for a coming recession. in progress....