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The Social Currency of the Digital Age
TenXcoin Beta Applicatios:
TenXmatch | TenXtrain | TenXshop | TenXgame | TenXlend | TenXdex | TenXdata
Circulating Supply
129 883 155 TXC
Website: https://tenxcoin.eu
White Paper: https://tenxcoin.eu/project/white%20paper.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tenxcoin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/10xcoin
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tenxcoin
Problem Statement:
Due to its strong volatility and high anonymity, people do speculate more with cryptocurrencies than using them as a currency.
About TenXcoin:
Currency has been evolving throughout times. While before it was trading goods, now it is trading money.
We are now on a revolutionary status. Globalization requires a more independent and decentralized system - quicker and easier transactions using our Apps and DApps.
Our team’s goal is to provide the blockchain community with a simple and easy to-use management solution.
TenXcoin will participate in this emerging economic system and help it grow by adding a new cryptocurrency to the market and by providing legitimacy on a business perspective.
Tenxcoin prioritizes safety and eco-friendly strategies.
Everyone wants to be part of this extraordinary era and we all can contribute to it.
Tenxcoin is part of the revolutionary wave of the 21st century - part of the starter pack!
Starts as an Ethereum Token taking advantage of all the technology, usability and security provided by the Ethereum blockchain.
Tenxcoin will be the base currency in all our applications and software.
BEST SOLUTIONS Mobile App Development. Advencement of IoT, E-Commerce and M-Commerce, Cloud-Driven Apps, Augmented Reality based Apps.
TenXcoin provide a new way for brands to directly engage with consumers.
Building a digital economy inside our Apps and DApps users are able to earn TXC simply by performing valuable actions.
TenXcoin's currency concept is very different from the others. The other currencies are in most cases only used in the speculation of exchanges and lose value.
Others have very expensive mining systems that also cause abandonment. The TenXcoin mining system is economical and friendly to the environment because it does not need to be mined.
The new coins are generated every time it is used and when someone makes small transactions with TenXcoin. It is the case to say that only those who already have TenXcoin win.
Users Value:
As TenXcoin expands its economy to include cryptocurrency that holds real value both inside and outside of the applications, the economic possibilities for users are vastly enhanced.
The soul of every blockchain project is the community, and one of the greatest ways to serve the community is through giving them a way to communicate and use the token.
TenXcoin's team will fund the creation of Apps DApps and bots for various chat services which will enable people to share their TXC easily with the rest of the world.
Through facilitating this free flow of TXC, we can enhance utility while also engaging and growing the community.
TenXcoin has decided to adopt a decentralized organizational model to encourage the development of a digital services ecosystem that is fair and open.
To foster an ecosystem that is not only open and decentralized but also more compelling than its traditional counterpart, TenXcoin must create a series of new products, services, and systems.
A new cryptocurrency:
Building a decentralized system is a complex process, and the transition to it must be done in a measured and responsible way over time.
The first step is to create a new cryptocurrency: TXC. Related to the word “TenXcoin” and conveying a feeling of being connected to community, the TenXcoin identity and currency is designed specifically to bring people together in a new shared economy.
Useful and valuable:
But simply creating a digital currency is not enough. This cryptocurrency should be accepted in retail small business, in large stores and service providers and online payments.
For a cryptocurrency to be viable, it must also be useful and valuable. To establish an economy around the new currency, TenXcoin must help to establish TXC’s fundamental value.
Building fundamental value TXC has been experimenting with forms of in-app currency in Beta Apps and Dapps.
Economic incentive:
TenXcoin will build fundamental value for the new currency by integrating TXC into its Apps and DApps.
In the future, users will be able to earn TXC by providing value to other members of the digital community through curation, content creation, and commerce.
Users will be able to spend TXC on products, services, and other valuable assets offered by merchants, developers, influencers, and other participants.
TXC will sit at the center of a new digital economy inside TenXcoin Apps, driving demand and fundamental value for the cryptocurrency.
Useful, quicker and safer:
With our Apps and DApps, TXC will be useful not only in online stores but also on physical stores.