[List] Bitcoin Advertising Networks & Captcha Advertising
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since these topics are not longer up to Date:
i need the hole Community to keep this topic up to date ! Iam a faucet owner so i know many networks but not all
Feel free to correct any wrong information you see and keep us updated!
Pays using Bitcoin - ₿
15 networks available
Pays using other Payment Methods - $
5 networks available
adconity.com ₿ | $
Great network with responsive ads Withdraw to BTC or Paypal Minimum withdrawal - 50$ Coinad ₿
oldest Bitcoin ad network very HIGH-QUALITY traffic and publisher income ! need alexa rank under 100.000 ! Minimum withdrawal - 0.0005 BTC (No fee) Coinzilla ₿ | $
offering many adformats & responsive ads Minimum withdrawal - 50$ [No fee] Bitraffic ₿
offering Standart and Premium network good rates good support paying in BTC,LTC,DOGE Minimum withdrawal - $40
-Bitcoin commission for payment: 0.0002 Coinmedia ₿
long time in Bussines and good for new projects paying good if your ADspots reach gold or higher network Minimum withdrawal - 0.004BTC [fee 0.0001 BTC] Anonymous Ads ₿
one of the oldest bitcoin ad network great and responsife admin got allways payed for my faucet site Pays based on the amount of views, but is dependant on which advertisers are advertising and their daily budget. I have used this network on all of my bitcoin projects Minimum withdrawal - 0.001BTC (No fee) Coinverti ₿
3 different models now. CPM, CPC, and CPA Banners, Popunder (Tab-up) and Native Ads. backup codes when no advertises Minimum withdrawal - 0.001BTC
bitcoadz.io ₿ |
Accept All Bitcoin/Crypto Related Websites. good network with many Advertisers Withdraw to BTC or altcoins Minimum withdrawal -0.004BTC [fee 0.0001BTC] BitMedia ₿
This network displays both text and banner ads very great rates on a pay per click system. Minimum withdrawal - 0.01BTC (No fee) Mellow Ads ₿
dont have much info becourse you need alexa rank under 100.000 ! Minimum withdrawal - 0.001 BTC [Fee up to 0.0005 BTC] Chainads ₿
Not allowed websites: Faucets, PTC sites, free crypto earning sites. payouts takes 7 days... Minimum withdrawal - 25$ (0.0004BTC) Adverti.io ₿
have used this network long time ago but no current data maybe some one using it ? Minimum withdrawal - N/A Ad-Network ₿ | $
brand new network with banner & test ads. Paying to Bitcoin,Paypal,Payza Minimum withdrawal - 10$ HashSense ₿ | $
brand new network with CPC&CPM , § ads per Pape Withdraw in Bitcoin or Paypal Minimum withdrawal - 30$
Google Adsense $
not recommaned for facuets but good for news pages ! The most popular ad network in the world. Runs off of both a cost per view and cost per click system based on the ad. Minimum withdrawal - Dependant on your Country [germany 70€] BuySellAds $
Allows you to add funds with Bitcoin, but you can't get paid in BTC - they are also quite expensive and you can only cash out remaining funds via PayPal. All ads are manually approved by the website owners and it's subscription based (so you can buy 10,000 ad impressions per month, if you want it to stop you need to cancel the subscription). BuySellAds also sends you a Purchase Receipt for all ads you purchase. Minimum withrawal - N/A Media.net $
offers a CPM system which pays for every user which visits your website. CAUTION - Some Bitcoin faucets can be against Media.net's ToS and Guidelines. Once again, use with caution and do not make your funds dependant on it. Minimum withrawal - $100 (Paypal/Wire)
Captcha Advertising
SolveMedia $
Trusted long time in business , mostly used on faucet scripts This is an extremely widely used and supported captcha type on most faucet scripts Minimum withrawal - $200 In additon to this, in order to get a cashout, you have to fill in a tax form. Captch Me $
This French captcha provider, in that you slide a bar to prove that you are not a bot. An ad is then displayed once the captcha has been successfully completed. I do not have much information on payouts and such, as there doesn't seem to be much on the F.A.Q.
Websites on this section are scams and it's not recommended to use them .