Getting married. Significant windfall. Fiance doesn't know yet.

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Hi friends,
I'm 21 and in California.
I'll try and be brief.
My half sister died. She was significantly older than me. We were estranged from our parents and she basically took care of me so we were really the only family both of us had.
I knew she did well financially, but not this well. I'm the only heir in her will and it looks like I'll be set to inherit $2m in her bank accounts, $2m in property and some money (few hundred k but it changes i think because it will be in bitcoin which fluctuates) that's in her coinbase account.
I'm really sad that she died but also a teeny tiny bit happy because I get all this money. That sounds bad but I'm being honest! The problem is, I don't know how to to manage this at all. I'm a software dev in the bay area so I earn a good amount but no where near this amount.
My salary is like 120k as I'm junior. My major expense is rent which is 6k, my partner and I split the rent.
I'm going to get married to my partner in June. I don't know how to deal with her and this money. Do I tell her? I want to be secure forever and maybe quit my job. In the case of a divorce, I don't want to fund her.
I want to get an advisor but I have trust issues. How do I find the best one?
I want this money to also set my children and their children and their children etc up for life. I think this is called generational wealth.