This sub is under constant attack - the latest attackers appear to be shills from the CSW camp who are doing everything they can to try to disrupt this sub : btc

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Unfortunately it's time for another one of these posts . Sorry if you don't like seeing them. But I feel transparency is extremely important. And recently there have been a handful of CSW shills who are saying that we are censoring because they are using a high number of alt accounts in order to ban evade and are trying to disrupt this sub.
Below is a list compiled of just some examples of prolific CSW shills who have all been caught astroturfing /r/btc . If they were caught breaking the rules (spam, abuse, etc), they were banned. Now they come back with alt accounts and try to ban evade breaking Reddit TOS. Some of these most prolific shills have many different accounts and often come back under other names. A few more examples:
cryptorebel btcnewsupdates satoshi_vision cryptosword hunk_quark skylark_cash heuristicpunch geekmonk GrumpyAnarchist ActualBitcoinUser higherplane newtobch bchworldorder bitcoincashuser BitcoinCashCollector + many more It should also be noted that at least one of these if not more than one are actually PAID astroturfers who make a living doing this and are clearly paid by someone with deep pockets for them to continue this "proof of social media" campaign. For example, user heuristicpunch aka geekmonk was caught (see the links above) working for a social media agency for shilling online. From the link above, Quote: d:
This is NOT normal behavior from anyone, and it's pretty clear that geekmonk is a PAID SHILL. Someone even came across this. GeekMonk was literally a digital agency that did social media marketing (The fancy word for SHILLING). The site seems to be down now.
After further research, it was also found that he owns his own digital media agency GeekMonk Tech based in India that he uses to hire people to create and buy Reddit accounts online to shill for whoever is paying them to.
I don't have any answers or solutions here, but I wanted to bring this up as it has become a big problem in the crypto-community and especially in ours....