I love the Bullish Optimism in here...BUT we need to talk...
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First let me say I support BCH. No, I don't spend hours on end on Reddit. I come here to see what's going on, on occasion. I love hearing the confidence of the pro BCH bros and watch all of Roger's videos and believe in him as an entrepreneur - after all Roger was one of the reasons I discovered and bought my first bitcoin way before any fork.
But what concerns me is the public perception about BCH. Maybe it's the crypto crowd I socialize with. Maybe it's my horrible twitter subs/feed. Maybe, just maybe. But maybe if so many people are under the spell, the delusion, the lie, that BCH is centralized and that Roger Ver is a criminal and that Jihan Wu is some evil billionaire centralized token creating wicked genius, then maybe just maybe it's doomed to fail and never recover from such poor public sentiment and propaganda via fake news, trolls, etc etc.
I know otherwise intelligent people in the space. People with advanced degrees and passion for crypto and nearly everyone I know seems to be under the BCH is BTRASH spell. It's sickening really. But this is reality the way I see it. And now we have a price that is confirming their misplaced bias. And now this small community is even split... perhaps we have a long way to go down before value is reached?
I'd be curious to hear your thoughts of why this will in fact recover and gain top 3 market share once again. I'd also be curious to understand what makes intelligent people so susceptible to false notions and ideas and willing to jump on bandwagons (like bitcoin maximalists) that border on religious zealotry....