Shady PM going around in /r/btc, new attack vector?

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Just got a PM from an account created 1 month ago with this message:
from /u/RareTomatillo
sent 43 minutes ago
Hey man, i am Maya from China. I am currently a uni senior and i need to do an essay on the crypto market. So as I look around on /r/bitcoin , I found some of your posts which were extremely informative for me and my assignment. If possible, can I follow your twitter? I?d love to read more from you and i think your sources is very important for me to have a grade-A essay. Hope to hear from you soon. If you want to check who I am, please have a look on my profile at . Thanks!P/s: I access Twitter Reddit via VPN and the speed sucks so I would be grateful if you are kind enough to send me your Twitter link. (Searching username crash all the time with my Internet)
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Besides account /u/RareTomatillo another user has confirmed that account /u/QuirkyProtection0 has sent them an identical message except that it changes the subreddit based on your last post as their's was:
Greetings! I am Maya, im from China and i just come to US doing internship for a corp in the crypto business. My colleague introduced me to Reddit and Twitter to read what you guys share and comment about crypto. Anyway, i came across your comments on /r/cryptocurrency and it was very informative. I wanna know about the market here in the US so can i have your twitter to follow what you read or share? Thankss in advance! Here?s my Twitter if you wanna check:
Why are they trying to collect Twitter accounts via these bots? Can anyone else confirm they're also getting the same?
Some users are saying its so they can reveal some your email or parts of it
All of these fake accounts where created on October 28th, besides 1....