Guys I'm going to say it: Bitcoin SV is an attempt by Blockstream to divide Bitcoin Cash. The regular Core trolls disappeared when this rift began. Replaced by SV trolls. And now Craig is threatening everyone, with Greg Maxwell backing him up. THIS IS THE SAME ATTACK FROM BLOCKSTREAM, IN DISGUISE.

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Gregory Maxwell offers "discreet assistance" to Craig Wright, the man whom he vehemently decried was NOT satoshi just a year earlier. When Greg is backing someone in Bitcoin Cash, this is the biggest red alert there could be.
Craig Wright's threatening email to Roger Ver.
The same exact trolling technique that was originally used to divide Bitcoin (BTC) into Bitcoin Cash (BCH), is now being used by Bitcoin SV. Where'd all those Core trolls go?!? There is time coincidence between Core trolls disappearing and being replaced by SV trolls which are now doing the exact same astroturfing, just with a slightly different "internal war" narrative. It's the same troll group, guys!