Legendary Member looking for a loan of $60 for less than a week
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I'm looking to borrow $60 until Wed. or Thur. I found a really nice camera at a pawn shop. It's a $350 camera and I can get it for less than 1/3 the price. I don't think they know what they have. I sold an item on ebay for $100, but for whatever reason, Ebay decided they wanted to hold the funds until 3 days after the user receives their item. They rarely ever do this to me. But, of course the one time I really need it, they decide to put it on hold. I will take that money from Ebay here in a few days and buy Bitcoin to pay you back. I'm really afraid someone else is going to get this camera before I get those funds. So I cam here asking to borrow $60. I will pay back $70 in BTC at current rates. I really don't think collateral in necessary for my rank and trading history, but I guess we can work something out if necessary. I will have the item shipped out to the people priority mail on Saturday. They should have it Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Then Ebay usually gives me my funds a day early. So somewhere around the Wed/Thur. mark i'll be returning payment. My signature campaign will be paying me twice within the next 10 days if all else fails. So i'll be able to repay the loan no problem. I really don't like having to do this, and rarely ever do. But I have always paid back my loan when I have(you can check my feedback). Please shoot me a pm if you can help. Thanks!...