So I made a thing - AceTipper! for Bitcoin Cash. If you love tipping in BCH, this app will print your tip as paper wallet to be gifted, keeps track of them to see who actually claims them, and (best of all) you can reclaim the gift after a period of time if it goes unclaimed.

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AceTipper is an application that will help you print out paper-wallets for the purposes of tipping Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to people who may or may not be familiar with Bitcoin.
This application looks to solve 2 problems that I saw.
1) The need for the recipient (who may not be familiar with Bitcoin) to have to install a wallet in order to get some BCH can be a barrier. So with this app, you print out the tip as a paper wallet so you can hand them out to anyone anywhere .
2) Another problem I saw was that many folks (like servers at restaurants) may take the Bitcoin Cash tip, out of politeness, but then never claim them. Therefore, you lose your funds for no benefit to anyone. So with AceTipper you can track who actually claims the tip - and if nobody claims it within a period of time of your choosing, you can simply take those funds back.
This app manages your tips, prints paper wallets of various designs (one design so far actually), but also allows you to take back your tip if it hasn't been claimed for a period of time - say a year.
If you have any feedback, I would love to hear about it.
This app is currently Windows only - but because it is written for Electron JS, a port to macOS and Linux is coming soon.
Download the Windows Installer from Github
r/bitcointipping for questions / feedback.
Some notes:
This runs completely on your machine as a desktop application (ElectronJS).
The seeds for your wallet are stored on your machine.
You are absolutely encouraged to make backups of your wallet seed.
This is an open-source application.
Here is a sample of what a printed BCH tip looks like.
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