A subreddit called StopGaming offers help for addicts over objections from skeptics
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53 shares Buried on Reddit is a modestly popular sub called / r/stopgaming. It’s dedicated to helping those who suffer from self-professed gaming addiction, though it has to do so in the face of doubt and even scorn from the rest of Reddit’s ardent gaming community.
The relationship between Reddit and gaming is … let’s call it comfortable symbiosis that sometimes borders on reverence. The number of large and active gaming subreddits is mind-boggling, and the gamers who dwell within them are passionate, knowledgeable, and for the most part a friendly crew.
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CLICK IT With that in mind, /r/stopgaming comes across as a bit of an oddity. On the surface, it’s very similar to other support subreddits , such as /r/depression, that have proliferated on the site as a sort of ad hoc help system for those who are either unable or unwilling to seek traditional counseling. However, /r/stopgaming also has to contend with attention from those within the gaming communities who reject both the concept behind it, and the experiences of the people within it.
The subreddit is tied closely with the forum GameQuitters — a more structured support site for those who want to go cold turkey — with one of the sub’s moderators being none other than the Quitters’ founder, Cameron Adair. More than once, Adair says he’s had to deal with gamers entering the sub and taking issue with its subject matter:
Our subreddit’s been raided. Last year, there was a post that went viral — I think it was on AskReddit — that said “College students who failed college: What happened?” One of the top comments was someone sharing that he had two separate roommates fail out of college from playing...