Thailand Legalize Crypto currency

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Quote: from: virendarnagpal on July 02, 2018, 08:29:38 AM While there are several nations which are passing laws against crypto world. Thailand has entered the list of the nations which have legalized crypto currency. Thailand is mainly dependent on tourism industry. So I think it is wise decision on t he part of a country where major source of income is from tourism. So it will attract more tourists to this country.
It will benefit a lot to the country and is healthy signal for the health of Bitcoin family.
That is a wise decision as you mentioned before. The tourism will be easier to do the transaction without go to money exchanger and thinking about lossing much money for fee. Also, it is easier and more enjoyable when you wanna buy something but you forget to bring your cash and haven't gone to money changer yet, but you still can buy your needs...