What if there is a stock market crash?
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Disclaimer: I promise this post isn’t going to be about bitcoin or its exchange rate with any fiat currency.
Of late, I have been thinking about a potential recession. It isn’t a question of ‘if’. In my opinion, it is just a matter of ‘when’.
With student loans, personal debt, automobile debt being at an all time high, a massive correction or a bubble exploding is just bound to happen.
However, these massive corrections are quite common. Several of them have happened in the past and we recovered from it in one way or the other.
I think the next one is going to be very worrisome. Almost all the major economies of the world did implement quantitative easing of varying magnitudes. A lot of the global currencies are much weaker than what they are today. Unfortunately, I see QE as a one time trump card. You can play it once and the damage will be minimal. Play it multiple times, the results can be catastrophic.
This makes me think that some point of time almost all the currencies will lose value at a much faster pace. Turkish Lira, Argentinian Peso are only a few early examples. Major currencies will start hurting is my hypothesis.
I don’t have a crystal ball (🔮) to guess what is going to happen. The arrival of Bitcoin is just almost miraculous.
The words that Taleb wrote as a foreword to Saifedean’s book still makes me wonder. Bitcoin can be a very powerful way to keep central banks under a tight leash.
I’ve been in this space for quite some time now. Every time I think about the impact of this, I’m just amazed as to how impactful Bitcoin can be!
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