Im at the end of my wits. This is too random for me to diagnose.. please help.

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Ok... where to start...
Things my computer is/isnt :
Win7 64bit, 2 x Geforce 880m (SLI), Nvdriver 398.36, 16 gb DDR, 2 x SSD, 1 HDD, Intel i7 4810 --- all in a Clevo laptop. Laptop is super clean of dust, replaced thermal pads and paste last month, updated drivers across the board, updated chipset BIOS, no malware, no viruses. Scanned and optimized with Tuneup every week. Its old(2014), but maintained. Temperatures all in limits. GPUs hover around 35-50 in idle, maxes around 91-93 in extended stress load, but usually doesnt hit that or crash at that temp. Fans working fine. The problem :
Prey(cryengine) crashes on most levels, randomly, at random times(between 1 minute - 2 hours). "Arboretum" level crashes it the most. Error on crash : dxgi_error_device_hung Dishonored 2(void engine) crashes less, but constant. Error on crash : none The Land of Pain(cryengine) crashes a lot, to the point i cant advance. Error on crash : dxgi_error_device_hung Rust(unity) crashes randomly and freezes whole PC, and i have to restart it. What the crash looks like :
Game freezes in the last frame, then screen turns black. You can still hear the sound, as if the game was still going. THIS IS TRUE IN ALL THOSE GAMES, and what makes me think its related. Sometimes theres an error, and when you click OK, you are back on desktop, sometimes there isnt and you need to kill the process with Task Manager to unfreeze the PC. Nvidia driver will say it crashed and has restarted, from the task bar. And sometimes, if you restart the game after a crash like that, and then get another crash, this time the game will freeze, turn to black, beep twice, and restart the whole PC. At the moment of crash all temperatures are normal, memory usage is insignificant,
When it crashes :
Randomly, in all those games. Sometimes its 1 minute in the game, sometimes its 2-3 hours in. Sometimes its when temp is at 50, sometimes when temp is at 90. Crashes less when settings are lower, but still crashes. GPU usage is normal within 70%-90%, and then spikes to 100% at the moment of crash... for like 2-3 seconds, then back to desktop. What does Windows say it is :
In the EVENT VIEWER, i get the following : The description for Event ID 13 from source nvlddmkm cannot be found.
and also
\Device\UVMLiteProcess1 NVRM: Graphics TEX Exception on (GPC 1, TPC 1): TEX NACK / Page Fault
What i did so far to try and fix it
First off, ive been sifting through all sorts of forums for the past 3 days, googling every single error/ crash scenario. This is what ive tried so far :
Uninstall/reinstall all sorts of drivers. DID NOT reinstall windows, and am reluctant to do that due to other reasons. Reinstall older Nvidia drivers, completely deleted every trace of other drivers, manually. Switch Physix to CPU/different GPU Disable/enable sound card, nvidia HD audio, all audio. Update windows Scan for viruses/malware/bitcoin miners enable/disable/edit/increase/decrease page file size/location/mode. turn Steam overlay on/off, and other features on/off. turn Nvidia Ansel, Experience, Physix, DSR on/off turn Vsync, DSR, SLI, frame limiters, etc etc etc on/off from NvidiaProfileInspector. verified game files made sure GPU/CPU/memory werent overclocked. They never were. Stock speeds. turned Windows Aero on/off. Disabled/enabled weird services. turned off/on/increased delay to Windows TDR Turned Windows update, system restore, Steam cloud on/off. put a copy of nvlddmkm.sys in c/windows/drivers. Couldnt, it was already there. So Yeah...
I have tested more games. Games like Spec Ops, Hard Reset, Firewatch, Condemned, i ran them all on 4k DSR with maxed AA and AF, AO, and everything else i could throw at them, and have not crashed....though.. i only played them for a little while, not for hours like those other games. So its odd as fuck, cause some games seem to crash more often when the stress is higher, but when other games are stressed, they dont crash at all. Sure, a hardware fault has crossed my mind, but i definitely cant afford to replace anything at this point in time, and if it is a hardware fault, its a damn odd one. I never had crashes this bad before, and when i did, i resolved them quickly with Google. The only crash i had before, was Rust, but i thought that was normal, since Rust usually crashes for a lot of people. Then i bought Prey and Dishonored, and realized that maybe this is a problem i always had, but never came forward cause i wasnt playing any really demanding games at the time, aside from Rust. So now i dont know what to think, when thinking what started all this.
Desperate theory?
Could a specific component of the GPU, like a SLI controller, or a shader thingy, or a random thingy be responsible ? Cause it seems like its only crashing in super new games. Could a new feature be triggering some broken component on the GPU, or some odd extension only used in new games ? Im at the end of me here, i dont know what else to try. Reinstalling windows for 3-4 crashing games seems...