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Dear Reddit,
I know this is not going to be a popular post, but I would like to let all of you know my experience today. So I saw that there is a payment option for food delivery for Bitcoin. I thought, oh great finally someone accepts it. And also card payments had a €0.25 fee, so I was happy to use my bitcoins. So after selecting bitcoin, I was offered the option of bitcoin or bitcoin cash. Based on all the comment and stuff that mentions that bitcoin cash has much lower transaction fees are transactions are pretty much gets confirmed right away, I thought it would be better for me to pay with bitcoin cash. So after getting my ledger, and transferring some money to bitpay, I thought I will be good to go within seconds. Waited 5 minutes, still no confirms, waited another 5 minutes still nothing. Meanwhile my order has expired in the background. Even after 12 minutes right now, there is not a single confirmation on my transaction (bd03bc9538ce3afc008a4942ce6ac27526c74ee432e2c43ba01f4dbe730ff1ae), its pretty disappointed...
So I ended up paying with my card, and making the order again... Wtf is the point of BCH if I cant get within minute confirmations? It seems pretty useless to me!
Edit: I get down voted faster than I get confirmations on my transactions
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