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DREAM Token Sale | Whitepaper | DREAM Rewards | Telegram
The Opportunity
DREAM is already the world's leading marketplace for high-end blockchain talent and has already handled thousands of projects collectively worth over $8m.
Dreams drive our world-disrupting industries and unlocking new economic opportunities. Dreams are made possible by the confluence of the dreamers, the right talent, and willing investors. Too often, projects fail because dreamers don't know where to start-wasting time and resources. This could be easily avoided with the right guidance and team.
The reputation of talent and the success of past projects is locked into closed platforms and isn't intelligently used to build the future. Investors find too many inexperienced dreamers who didn't validate their ideas, hired the wrong talent, or lacked the resources to connect to capital.
Project success hinges on the team, yet pulling the right one together is tough. DREAM learns from the outcomes of past projects to build freelance teams with the right skills and fit. Machine learning creates new possibilities to build teams and manage tasks. The blockchain underpins trust with verified reputations pulled from our network of partners.
Why Build DREAM?
Too many projects fail due to bad planning. DREAM is trained by thousands of industry experts and delivers projects based on what’s worked for past successful teams.
One-to-one hiring doesn’t scale. DREAM defines the scope and then matches and assembles the team, based on skills, reputation, and personal fit.
Verifying credibility is a challenge. DREAM pulls verified reputations from our network of blockchain partners. Customers benefit from top talent, and freelancers benefit from the success of startups they have worked on.
The Problem
75% of business and IT executives anticipate their software projects are doomed from the start . 48% of leaders say the team's technical skills are key to project success. 68% of projects fail. Why? They lacked a clear goal, had the wrong team, it was poorly planned with unclear requirements, had weak leadership, or delivered low-quality work
Seven million startups are launched and $531bn is invested in them each year in the USA alone. A staggering 50 million businesses are launched annually. Despite this, 90% of startups fail . Why? Because the team didn't validate their model, didn't build a product the customer wanted, failed on execution, or failed to raise funding
Blockchain protocols and platforms are backed by significant investment. Despite raising huge amounts, every day DREAM talk with blockchain clients who urgently needs teams to deliver products. There was a 200% increase in demand for talent in 2017. In 10 years, blockchain technology will generate $45bn of annual revenue . In 2017 and 2018 blockchain projects raised over $12bn .
The Solution
DREAM is an ecosystem of creativity and a network of opportunity. Underpinned by the blockchain and powered by artificial intelligence. DREAM gives access to the wisdom of the collective, whilst learning from the success of past projects and teams
DREAM is underpinned by the blockchain and powered by artificial intelligence. DREAM gives access to the wisdom of the collective, whilst learning from the success of past projects and teams.
DREAM Builder assesses the viability of ideas, connecting the right talent, at the right stages of the project. DREAM Builder is an advisor, project manager, and team builder. DREAM AI is trained by human experts who are incentivised to train the AI system with DREAM Tokens. The AI system learns from real-world project outcomes within and external to the DREAM Ecosystem.
DREAM Reputation consolidates trust and expertise whilst ensuring portability and ownership of personal data. Freelancers can demonstrate personal success in other blockchain ecosystems and bring their reputation and identity back into DREAM.
DREAM Talent is a live revenue generating platform providing high-end talent as advisors for short term engagements, freelancers for longer term projects, and gigs for fixed price deliverables.
DREAM Token is a utility token for use throughout the DREAM ecosystem. Without needing an exchange, customers can purchase DREAM Tokens on DREAM Exchange to pay for premium services, advisors, freelancers, gigs, and partner services.
DREAM Token rewards growth within the ecosystem. Throughout the token sale (starting soon) DREAM will be operating a Reward Campaign to seed the ecosystem with talent, and spread the word to future customers.
DREAM is launching a token sale to fund the development and launch of the platform. Token buyers will be required to perform full KYC checks and join the whitelist in advance of the pre-sale.
The nature of the DREAM Tokens is twofold: they are utility token that can be used to buy premium services and hire talent, and they are also reward tokens that incentivizes community members or advisors using and growing the platform. DREAM Tokens are only v...