Digitex Futures Announces the DGTX Token Listing on Three Exchanges
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Digitex Futures Announces the DGTX Token Listing on Three Exchanges PRESS RELEASE PR Newswire May. 15, 2018, 09:15 PM SEYCHELLES , May 15, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Digitex Futures is proud to announce the DGTX token will be listed on three exchanges: OOOBTC, Exrates, and Radex. Crypto traders can now trade with BTC and ETH pairs. In the first 24 hours that DGTX has been live on ExRates, there has been over $170k and 8 million in DGTX tokens trading. Unlike some companies whose ICO is followed by months of silence, the Digitex Futures team has been charting the progress of their platform with a steady stream of video updates and social media posts. Those interested in trading DGTX can do so right now on ExRates.me, where the token is paired with ETH. On May 21 , BTC paired trading will be available on the OOOBTC exchange, and for those who want to stay decentralised, the token will also be listed the same day on Radex which offers zero fees and ETH paired trading. During their ICO, Digitex Futures sold out in 17 minutes raising $5.2m . The DGTX token was created for the upcoming Digitex Futures Exchange Platform. The platform will be the first exchange on which traders will be able to make short-term speculation on the price of Bitcoin and Ether against the US dollar, and not have to pay commission on the transaction fees. This will allow traders to make rapid, small-profit trades, something that is not possible in today's market. Adam Todd , CEO said: "This is great news for us and for those that believe in our platform. The fact that the ICO sold out so quickly meant that we had thousands of people who wanted to purchase but didn't manage to get tokens in the 17-minute window. We still get requests from people desperate to purchase DGTX, and this is great news for them because now they can buy them on three different exchanges." Alongside the news of the exchange, Digitex Futures have announced a news Blog and discussion Forum . The news blog is already full of articles explaining the crypto world, futures trading, and includes many tutorials and educational guides. Todd continues: "I couldn't be prouder of the Digitex Futures Team. There is so much activity and the team really cares about the platform and every one of them is working to make it a success. We have some superstars coding the platform in Dublin and they're doing amazing things. We have a thriving community, and I hope that everyone who is interested in DGTX sees how hard we are working and how much we believe in this product. I want everyone who is interested in crypto and trading to read the news blog and join the community. We want to hear what you think." Please join the DGTX crypto community at our Forum: https://community.digitexfutures.com/ Read and learn about the crypto world and DGTX at our news Blog: https://blog.digitexfutures.com/ Trade DTGX on exrates.me / ooobtc.com / radex.ai. Social Media:...