Cryptocurrency Firm Boasting 900% Daily Returns Told To Stop Doing Business In Texas

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Cryptocurrency firm Wind Wide Coin Inc., which boasts of 900 percent per day profits, was told today to stop doing business in Texas by Texas Securities Commissioner Travis Iles. Wind Wide claims it is achieving the out-sized returns with an “automatic trading bot.”
In a cease and desist order, Iles alleged the company is engaging in fraud that threatens immediate and irreparable harm.
According to Iles, the frauds include running two photos of celebrities on its website with fake names and testimonials.
A picture of the actress Jennifer Anniston with a testimonial was labeled as “Kate Jennifer” while a photograph of Prince Charles had a testimonial attached to it and the name “Mark Roberts.”
While the website claims the company has an office at 5015 Mitchelldale in Houston, the regulator said there is no building at that address.
Under the “About Us” tab on the site, Wind Wide claims it is legally registered.
The Texas Securities Commissioner said it is not.
Wind Wide says on its site it “believes frauds and scams hurt bitcoin as a whole.”
In addition to Wind Wide Coin, the sanction was applied to apply to Charles Roman, Fred Andrew, and John Anny.
The three are listed with the alleged non-existent Houston address and in Lake City, Florida.
Here is the text of the order: