What do you want to Buy with Bitcoin?
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Quote: from: shamzblueworld on January 01, 2018, 04:04:39 AM Reading a lot of New Year Resolutions, and I can understand many of you here have some resolutions that involve crypto and bitcoin. Maybe you want to earn a bitcoin, multiply your bitcoins or become a crypto millionaire.
So here is one similar question that does not necessarily has to be achieved in this year.
What are the things you want to buy with bitcoin?
Whether its a House, your favorite car, a yacht, a jet or a ticket to Mars. Whatever you dream, list the things you want to buy with your bitcoins (crypto).
if I have a lot of bitcoin many things I want to buy especially home and many others, and maybe from bitcoin also I want to develop the business soul in the shop and in the field of land and others because it is all as an asset for old age and also as a side income and the remaining bitcoin will still be developed in order to be a very valuable asset and the benefits can be enjoyed by the children and grandchildren...