teach your children about bitcoin
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Quote: from: Bitinity on Today at 07:56:09 AM Quote: from: skeletica on Today at 07:47:32 AM That is a good idea. Teach children about the business world. But keep in mind that the things that children need to know is limited. So do not be too deep to tell him about cryptocurrency.
It is a good idea if they are interested to learn about it, means we are not forcing them to learn something that they do not want to learn. Let them choose what they like, children has their own interest in this world. So just teach them about the think they want to know, you may try to introduce it only and see whether are interested to it or not.
Yes ill teach my child in exsactly age. my child is the next investors when im old. and my child was continue of my started. so it's a great idea when child was teach about crypto's. nothing i can leave when im die. so i teach my child about crypto's for there future....