People panics because the price goes down.

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Quote: from: SabrinaBianka on Today at 03:25:18 AM I think the only thing why bitcoin goes down its because to all new holder, They panic after the heard or they watched the news about bitcoin. The lately holder sold their bitcoin at low price. What do you think more than this guys?
Example why lately holders sell their bitcoin and its panic.
1. Because the other country banned cryptocurrency.
2. Because the social media start banning the advertisement of crypto.
3. The other famous artist or most riches people spreading that crypto is bad to take a profit.
For you guys this is true? and why?
I don't think so that's the real reason why there is a dip in the market. If we think on the supply and demand panic is not really and issue. Investors there no panic on their vocabulary. It simply works that the supply is much higher than the demand.
Other thing that could be possibly happened whales are playing on the market so that the holders will force to sell their BTC on the lower price....