Giveaway and infos about NAV and the 3 soon to be released Nav Coin developments: Valence, Community Fund & Cold Staking

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Hi /r/CryptoCurrency
I am a fan of NAV and I would like anyone of you to take a look at NAV Coin and what better way is there to do this with a giveaway so everyone can see for themselves how fast and easy NAV Coin is.
Additionally to the giveaway I want to give the interested ones of you some more infos & teasers about NAV and what I think makes it unique and valuable.
Of course like always: This is no financial advice and DYOR. 1. Giveaway First the info about the giveaway so that the people who are only here for the free money don't have to scroll down a wall of text... I won't judge you - you do you! :-P
But maybe some of you guys will come back later to read more about NAV after you see how nice the mobile wallet of NAV is.
To get some free NAVs, all you have to do is the following:
Download the app NavPay from the Android Play Store Follow the steps to set up your mobile wallet Backup your private key (the random words) so you could restore your wallet if you phone breaks or sth. like that! Post your public address as a comment in this thread, so I can send you some NAVs If you liked the experience, I'd be happy to hear back from you :)
In the next 2 hours, I'll be giving away NAVs worth about $200 in total (but split up of course, so that everyone will get some to try out the mobile wallet NavPay etc.).
Some additional links:
Web Wallet of NavPay (use this web wallet on any iOS device until the app is approved by Apple) Android Wallet NavPay Thats all for the giveaway, now follows the additional infos.
2. Additional Infos about NAV Nav Coin has been publicly traded since mid 2014. It's a decentralized cryptocurrency which is built on the latest version of Bitcoin Core with many additional features and functionalities which differentiate Nav from other cryptocurrencies. I'm going to dive into the details of these features later on in this post.
The aim of Nav Coin is to simplify cryptocurrencies. In my opinion, this (the mainstream-adoption) is one of the most important topics for all cryptocurrencies in general. Nav is directly adressing this issue by providing very easy to use tools (wallet, mobile wallet, etc.).
2.2 Facts & Figures Funding: Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Nav Coin did not have an ICO or a premine. It is self-funded but soon a Community Fund will help with additional resources Market cap: ~72.4kk Circulating supply: ~62.7kk Consensus Algorithm: Proof of Stake (5%, soon reduced to 4% due to community fund) Max supply: max. 5% (soon 4%) (realistically about 2-3% since not all coins are staking) Currently trading for: 1.15 USD | 14'230 sats Exchanges: Binance [ETH | BTC | BNB] Bittrex [BTC] Poloniex [BTC] Upbit [BTC] [EUR] Cryptopia [USDT | BTC] 2.3 Team The team was recently expanded and consists now of the following people.
More infos and links to linked in about the core team is found on the first page of the official NAV website (just scroll down a bit).
2.3.1 Core developer contributors Craig MacGregor: The main developer and sponsor of the NAV Core team Alex V: Core developer Paul Sanderson: Core developer Matt Paul: Core developer Mike Delucchi: Core developer Rowan Savage: Core developer
2.3.2 Core content contributors Kieren Hyland: Digital content creator Laura Harris: Digital content creator Josh Drummond: Digital content creator Mark Sloane: Digital content creator Guy Sinclair: Digital content creator John Darby: Digital content creator Carter Xiao: Designer 2.3.3 Community developers Since NAV is open source and the core team is encouraging the community to contribute to NAV, there are many more people working on NAV like sakdeniz who is creating a second desktop wallet, slothmike who is working on a reddit tipbot or Prodpeak who is developing an alternative block explorer.
2.3.4 Weekly updates The core team is releasing weekly updates about the ongoing projects on their website so that anyone interested can see the current status of the roadmap items.
2.4 Main Features 2.4.1 Optional Private Payments With Nav Coin you have the ability to send private payments. The privacy is optional so you can choose to send non-private or private payments.
Nav Coin uses a different approach to achieving privacy than other coins. Nav uses the so called NavTech . NavTech is a dual blockchain system. Essentially, the transaction information is encrypted, split in smaller transactions and sent through a second blockchain, which completely breaks any links between the sending and the receiving address. If you're interested in this technology, you can find the whitepaper on the official NAV website.
At the moment, private payments are processed by trusted servers. Everyone can operate a server themselves or can use the existing ones. The team is working on NavTech 2.0 'Rimu' which will make these servers obsolete, since every wallet will act as a private payment processor which will further push the decentralization.
2.4.2 Proof of Stake Nav Coin uses the consensus model Proof...