Innovest Global, Inc. Commercial Energy Business Begins Revenue Push, Looks To Revitalize Recent Call Center Acquisition's Eight-Figure Sales Past - Spotlight Growth

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06:34:04 AM EST Innovest Global, Inc. Commercial Energy Business Begins Revenue Push, Looks To Revitalize Recent Call Center Acquisition's Eight-Figure Sales Past - Spotlight Growth PRESS RELEASE GlobeNewswire Feb. 13, 2018, 06:30 AM
Sacramento, CA, Feb. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new report has been published on Innovest Global, Inc. (OTC Pink: IVST). Innovest Global, Inc. is a diversified holding company that focuses on acquiring niche, high-growth businesses that are capable of generating significant annual revenue. The company’s planned subsidiaries operate across telehealth, commercial energy, business-to-business distribution, national call center and auto sales.
The report provides an overview of Innovest Global, Inc., its subsidiaries, financials, industry analysis and more. The content also covers recent stock market turmoil and U.S. economic progress.
Recent Stock Market Sell Off Does Not Reflect Current Macroeconomic Fundamentals
The recent stock market turmoil has sent investors scurrying for safety, as major U.S. averages give up all gains for 2018. However, the recent stock market activity has been divergent from the United States’ strong macroeconomic fundamentals.
The unemployment rate for January 2018 remained unchanged at 4.10%, which is a 17-year low. On the other hand, the U.S. fourth quarter GDP growth came in slightly under forecast at 2.60%. However, this compares to GDP growth of 1.80%, during the fourth quarter 2016. Overall, the economy is continuing to grow and employers are continuing to hire more people. According to , U.S. wage and salary growth saw four straight months of growth between July and November 2017.
Rather than the economy being the culprit, the recent market sell off is largely to blame on several factors: Federal Reserve and longest period in history without significant market volatility and healthy correction.
The Federal Reserve remains a hurdle for U.S. equities due to the strong economic growth. Unfortunately, as the economy continues to hum along, this will usually result in interest rate hikes in order to keep the growth in check. However, interest rate hikes are bad news for equity investors and the bull market rally. The Fed’s recent announcement and plans to conduct three interest rate hikes in 2018 is certainly not the best news for shareholders in the short term.
Aside from the Federal Reserve, the stock market had been experiencing one of the longest stretches in its history where market volatility and corrections were absent. This resulted in stark revert to reality, where investors were greeted with soaring market volatility and the steepest correction in several years.
Innovest Has Remained Resilient In Recent Market Turmoil Due To Several Key Accomplishments
Innovest Global, Inc. has made several key accomplishments to kick off 2018. The company was pleased to recently announce that its commercial energy business, Innovest Energy Group, has begun a major revenue push within its local market across Ohio. The subsidiary even recently won a bid for a “five-figure security-critical update” to a law enforcement facility in Geauga County, OH.
In late January 2018, Innovest Global, Inc. announced the acquisition of Call Center Resources, Inc., a national call center with a sterling 30-year history. The call center was generating annual revenues in the low eight-figures at one point in its history and Innovest Global, Inc. hopes it can get the business back to its glory days.
Furthermore, the call center will serve as the backbone to the Innovest Global, Inc. holding company model. The call center will not only serve as a point of contact for customer service across its other businesses, but it also allows Innovest to utilize a cost-effective sales resource to help boost revenues.
Innovest Global, Inc. now has the following subsidiaries: Chagrin Safety Supply (B2B supplier business) Sanavida (telemedicine) Call Center Resources, Inc. (national call center) Innovest Energy Group/Shepherd Energy Solutions (commercial energy) Luxury Auto Dealership (still in due diligence phase)
During Innovest Global, Inc.’s leadership meeting that took place in January 2018, management provided new information on its telemedicine business, Sanavida. After successful test marketing in late 2017, Innovest Global, Inc. is now preparing the telemedicine platform for commercial launch.
This would be massive for Innovest Global, Inc., as it not only would be a major revenue generator for the company, but it also is being launched during a time when millions of Americans are beginning to not be able to afford health insurance any longer. Rather than paying sky-high insurance premiums, management sees Sanavida being a much more affordable and viable alternative.
Overall, Innovest Global, Inc. has kicked off 2018 on a strong note, as management prepares the company for significant revenue growth this year. Now that the call center and backbon...