Stargram Coin, the First Coin that will be used in Entertainment

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Stargram Coin, the First Coin that will be used in Entertainment PRESS RELEASE PR Newswire Feb. 12, 2018, 11:16 PM SINGAPORE , Feb. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Various types of coins are emerging in the current cryptocurrency market. W hile the proportion of life-friendly coins is increasing, the new concept of Stargram Coin, which combines blockchain technology and O2O entertainment business, has been released and attracting the public 's attention. Stargram Global's Stargram Coin is a cryptocurrency that specializes in the entertainment business. If a s tar publishes a coin under their name, fans can purchase their favorite star's coin and it can be used to purchase the star's related products, such as concert tickets , album s and merchandise . The coin can be used like cash through the o nline or o ffline store affiliated wit h S targram Coin. T he differenc e b etween Stargram C oin an d o ther coins is that Stargram Coin can be used as a donation under the s tar's nam e. Through the large- scale T oken G eneration E vent (TGE ) that starts in Singapore on February 21st , Stargram Global will host a Stargram coin crowd sale for 30 days. T his event is a free event where Korean K-pop stars such as B1A4, EXID, JBJ, Yu Jin Park , Dong Hyun Kwak and Optical Cre w will participate in the 2 018 Stargram Coin Launch K-POP Concert . For more details and information about the SGC Crowd Sale and K-POP Concert, please visit Stargram Coin 's official homepage ( ). Photo - SOURCE Stargram Global...