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So, after my parents asked me about this 'Bitcoin lark' a few weeks ago I explained about cryptocurrency as best as I could and they did some research about it, today they've decided they want me to invest £10,000 for them (They are good with computers but don't have the time to read through whitepapers and websites etc to sift through the shitcoins).
Now I don't mind risking parts of my own money in low-cap coins, but I'm more nervous about using other peoples money (my parents are comfortable financially though), so I was planning on putting a chunk into established ones like: Ethereum, Monero, NEO, Bitcoin, Power Ledger and possibly ICON.
For the rest is there any kind of reliable platform with a proven record of good returns by investing into crypto funds or indexes? I've heard of Iconomi, Blackmoon and Genesis Vision, but I'm not sure how reliable they are. Or would I simply do better investing it all into projects I feel have a good future (ETH, NEO etc). Thanks!
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