Should you leave your Formal work for Crypto?

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Quote: from: Mahirap on January 30, 2018, 04:12:34 PM Most of the threads I am seeing here is about "What if i leave my job and start with Bitcoin"
-Bitcoin does not do any miracles (it's not instant to make money with Bitcoin still you're going to do something just to earn a fraction of it.)
-Quitting your formal job is really risky to stat with something that has a market ia really quick from changing prices.
-Earning from this forum won't save you from something. (It's not designed for earning money.)
>Still the decision is up to you if you're going to quit your job for Crypto don't rely on the members here.
Take note!
It's really risky
yes, the world of crypto is not always profitable, need more understanding so as not to go bankrupt or loss. I do not think I need to get out of my formal job if I can do both. take advantage of free time after work from home or on holiday....